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Helsinki: Renovating a 1950s school building

Käpylä Elementary School in Helsinki is undergoing major transformations - expanding its facilities on site and making important energy efficient renovations to the building. The school, with 710 pupils and 90 staff, has kept its original structure since it was built in 1955. While some extensions have been made over the years, the building is now in need of fundamental renovation

The work will focus on certain target areas including indoor air quality, fire safety, accessibility, energy efficiency and the outdoor yard. There are also plans to rebuild the kitchen and waste storage area. After procurement consultations were completed in February 2008, the planning stage took place in 2008 and 2009 with renovation works commencing in June 2010. The project is expected to finish by July 2012.

Energy efficiency solutions planned for the school include:  improving the insulation in the façade and roof, installing a smart energy-efficient ventilation system and linking lighting to daylight intensity. Overall electricity consumption and energy savings will be monitored and displayed in the school.

Helsinki is participating in WG1 on Environmental Standards in Sustainable Renovation and will share its experiences in the Käpylä School project.