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SCI Network - SCI-Network - Sustainable Construction @ Innovation through Procurement
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Procuring Innovative and Sustainable Construction


The aim of this guide is to help public authorities become “innovation friendly” in their construction procurement – to help them access the potential environmental and economic benefits that innovative construction solutions can bring.  It offers guidance both on how best to set up your procurement process to encourage innovation and also offers information on different ways to finance investments.

You can click on the interactive graph below to access the different sections of the Guide. You may also want to download the Dutch, Finnish, German and Italian versions of the Guide.

Remember also to check the snapshot collection –  real life examples that inspire innovative and sustainable procurement!

Life cycle/whole life costingLife cycle/whole life costingContracting, monitoring and supplier managementContracting, monitoring and supplier managementChoosing your procurement modelChoosing your procurement modelWorking with the marketWorking with the marketSetting targets and requirementsSetting targets and requirementsBeing an "Intelligent Client"Being an "Intelligent Client"